These pricing options are approximate.  Because every project is unique, we work with you to best accommodate your needs and stay within your budget. Development cost depends on the number of features included.

Getting Started

For the sole proprietor or small business that needs to promote their products or services.  May have limited budget.

Site will have 3-5 pages and everything needed for successful web presence.


$1500 Development fee

Hosting, support and site maintenance


Long Term Growth

This web development effort include elements to grow and expand your business, offering a beautiful site with appealing images and content designed to promote business, schedule services, or sell products.

Site may have 6-10 pages with 1-2 special features.


$2000 Development fee

Hosting, support and site maintenance


Complete Package

This package is for the company that bases its business success on its website.  Site  may have over 10 pages and contain 3 or more features to schedule services, sell products, or improve a business process.  Site may can connect to multiple social media platforms optimized to grow your business.



$3000 Development fee

Hosting, support and site maintenance


Office Solution

For the business that  needs to evaluate or upgrade their business computing profile.  We can customize a plan for your business.  When considering needs like managing, sharing and securing your business data, we can help.  The days of installing complicated expensive hardware to manage your network are history.  We will put together a plan with cloud based storage and tools to network with clients or employees that will to best meet your needs.

Pricing to be determined.