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Project Process

There are few simple steps in the process to develop and launch a website.  These steps ensure that both client and designer are on the same page throughout the project.

A maintenance agreement is started to cover content updates and monthly hosting.  Other services such as a digital marketing plan can be negotiated as needed.  

  • 1. Consultation / Project Request
    After initial contact, a discussion will be scheduled either a phone conversation or in person meeting, to review the project proposal and discuss the business needs, project requirements, budget and timeline.
  • 2. Project Proposal
    A written proposal is sent to client with proposed design for project. The proposal will include website layout, features, timeline, cost and what content will be incorporated. 50% of the development cost is due upon sigining the project agreement.
  • 3. Design
    We begin developing the layout and functionality. Your feedback and approval will be required during this step to ensure the design meets expectations.
  • 4. Development
    The design will be programmed into a working website on a development server. You will be able to review and navigate the website on a test URL.
  • 5. Content
    With the website architecture in place, the content and images are incorporated. For an online store, products and details are populated.
  • 6. Test / Review
    Once all features and pages are populated, you will need to do a comprehensive review of the website to address any changes. The payment balance is due before the website goes live.
  • 7. Approval / Go Live
    At this point the development contract is complete and your website is live.
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